Cot One Convertible

Cot One Convertible vous protège du sol froid et dur et vous soutient entièrement.


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Lightweight, compact, durable and comfortable!!! What else can I say?

Lightweight, compact, durable and comfortable!!! What else can I say?

- Chad, Helinox Customer April 2019


Assembled Packed
Hauteur 6.5 in / 17 cm 6.5 in / 17 cm
Largeur 27 in / 68 cm 6.5 in / 17 cm
Lester 6 lbs 0 oz / 2.72 kg 6 lbs 4 oz / 2.845 kg
Longueur 82.5 in / 210 cm 23 in / 59 cm
Capacité 320 lb / 145 kg
garantie 5 years

Cot One Convertible AVIS


Our Lite Cot weighs less than 3 lbs and its lightweight packability makes it easy to take with you when every ounce counts. This model features a space-saving press-fit leg frame, while the Cot One is designed with a lever-lock frame that gives the bed platform long-lasting tension.

Cot One is slightly higher and roomier, and if you can afford to carry a little extra weight, it's a great all-rounder that's compatible with various Cot Accessories. Browse our collection of Cots for a full rundown of our model specs and features.

The innovative levers provide an easy way to add supportive tension to the bed without the need for bulky diagonal braces. The straightforward design makes for quick assembly and a taut, even sleeping surface.

The sleeping surface area for our Cot One is 74.5 x 26.5 in (190 x 68 cm), and for the Cot One Long is 82.5 x 26.5 in (210 x 68 cm). While Cot One can comfortably fit adults who measure around 6' and support up to 320 lbs, our Long model features extra leg room for campers looking to stretch out.

Our Cot One and Cot One Long models are designed with strong DAC aluminum frames that support as much as 320 lbs (145 kg). Whether your a restless or deep sleeper, the durable bed fabric holds tight to provide lasting tension that won’t sag during the night.

Our Cot One is approximately 6.5 in (16 cm) off the ground, and you can easily increase this height to 15 in (38 cm) by purchasing Leg Extensions. The distance a cot gives helps regulate temperature, provides much-needed covered storage space, and makes it easier to get in and out.

Leg Extensions are sold separately and designed to fit our Cot One and Cot Max models.

Browse our collection of Cot Accessories for more compatible products to elevate your outdoor sleeping experience.

Cot One's adaptability makes it one of our most versatile models. It's compatible with our Leg Extensions for added height as well as our Insulated Pad* for extra cushion and warmth. Also check out the Cot Warmer, a soft, puffy layer for chilly campouts.

*This pad will not fit Cot One Long.

If this happens, it's likely cross-bar has been assembled upside down. Triple-check that the 'This Side Up' label points to the sky when the cot is assembled. The leg frame should make a slight arch in the center with the nylon hubs towards the bottom of the frame.

If you're still experiencing issues, feel free to reach out with any questions. Our Customer Service team is available 9am - 4pm (PST) Monday - Friday at (877) 267-2882.

Yes, with some clever packing, the Leg Extensions fit in the carry case without force. Now you can elevate your sleep wherever adventure takes you.

To care for your cot and get the best sleep, the cot should be used on even ground. This may require careful placement or adding some extra padding under one or more legs.

Fabric parts should be hand washed in warm water using a mild detergent. Bed fabrics and carry bags are not machine washable. Ensure fabric is completely dry before packing away for storage.

Your cot should be stored in its original carry bag in a horizontal position in s dry location. Always ensure the cot is completely dry before placing into storage. Cots should never be stored damp or wet. Note that when folded into the carry bag, leg frames have exposed shock cord that be damaged if the bag is dropped on its end.