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Color: Black Fleece

Black Fleece
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We wanted to make what every camper dreams of during chilly campouts. It features the same quilted insulation as our Helinox chair warmers, but in a wearable form that’s somewhere between a blanket and a poncho. Meet: The Bloncho.

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  • Warm and insulating 100% recycled fabrics. Durable polyester withstands the elements. Insulated with recycled spun polyester for warmth and padding.
  • Cozy comfort. Soft, bounded neck opening. The Bloncho is meant to be worn on the front, and its contoured shape stays on while you sit and when you need to move around. Toggles and loops along hem help to adjust the length to keep it from dragging. 
  • Innovative design. Reversible with quilted pattern on front and back to prevent the insulation from bunching up. Measures 55” x 39”.
  • All-fleece option. High-pile fleece on one side, sheared plush fleece on the other for maximum coziness. 
  • Packable and portable. Packs into a 12.5” x 6” x 6” ultralight cinch bag.
  • Compatible chairs. Chair Two, Chair One XL, Sunset Chair, Beach Chair, Savanna Chair, and Café Chair.

We hope you never have an issue, but if there is, we’ve got your back. Our warranty covers manufacturing defects for up to five years from the original purchase date.


Our Frames

Helinox is the only furniture brand to exclusively use DAC poles. DAC's proprietary aluminum alloy maximizes strength and minimizes weight.

Our Fabrics

We combine 100% recycled tear- and water-resistant 600D polyester with reinforced panels and durable stitching. This technique holds up to years of use.

Our Promise

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