Installez-vous confortablement sur la Sunset Chair de Helinox pour vous sentir comme à la maison lors de vos aventures. La chaise de camping Sunset Chair de Helinox mesure 47 x 12 x 14 cm une fois rangée dans son sac et ne pèse que 1,6 kg. À la fois solide et légère, le cœur de son design innovant est son armature en alliage d’aluminium breveté DAC offrant un excellent rapport robustesse/poids pouvant soutenir sans problème jusqu’à 145 kg. Conçues pour le soleil, l’assise amovible de la chaise et sa housse de transport zippée sont faites en polyester tissé 600D ripstop, ultra robuste et résistant aux UV, lavable en machine (séchage à l’air libre) pour un entretien facilité. Installation facile. Un tendeur interne maintient l’armature en place et les housses renforcées aident à faciliter le montage de la chaise. L’assise respirante reste fraîche les jours de chaleur, le dossier haut offre plus de soutien et l’appui-tête ajustable plus de confort. Les poches latérales sont très pratiques pour les smartphones, les lunettes de soleil ou les en-cas.

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The Helinox Sunset is as comfortable as this camp essential getswithout being overbuilt.

The Helinox Sunset is as comfortable as this camp essential getswithout being overbuilt.

- Outside Magazine, December 2018


Assembled Packed
Hauteur 38.5 in / 98 cm 5.5 in / 14 cm
Largeur 23 in / 59 cm 4.5 in / 12 cm
Lester 3 lb 4 oz oz / 1.48 kg 3 lbs. 8 oz. / 1.57 kg
Longueur 28.5 in / 72 cm 18.5 in / 47 cm
Capacité 320 lb / 145 kg
garantie 5 years

Sunset Chair AVIS


Although these two chairs may seem similar at a glance, there are some key differences.

Our Sunset Chair is designed for total relaxation. It sits higher off the ground and features a taller back for added support. The model also comes in a variety of ventilated seat covers for those warm, sunny days.

Chair Two is closer to the ground and tends to be most comfortable for people 5' 7" (179 cm) and under. It's a great mid-range option for adventure-seekers looking for a lightweight, high-back alternative to our Chair One.

The high back on our Sunset Chair features a padded cross-bar that offers support for your head.

For added comfort, the carry bag (on most Sunset styles) can be filled with something soft, like a towel or jacket, and attached to the back for use as a neck pillow. Simply open the velcro flap on the bag and attach it to the matching velcro on the seat back. The amount of padding and exact attachment point can varied to your personal preference. To up the comfort level even more, try our Air and Foam Headrest.

Our Sunset Chair measures 39in h x 28.5in w assembled and comfortably supports up to 320 pounds (145 kilograms). It's also one of the most popular high back Helinox chairs and sits higher off the ground than some of our other models, making it perfect for longer limbs. Sunset is also compatible with a wide range of Accessories to maximize comfort.

For people looking for a wider profile or chairs with extra built-in features, we offer a range of Extra-Roomy and Beach-ready models. All our chairs are made with the same durability, high quality materials, and lightweight design, so even our more spacious models are exceptionally compact and packable.

If you've decided to opt for a more compact chair, we recommend taking a look at our Ultra Lightweight models. These chairs offer extra support for long days outside while maintaining a lower profile and taking up minimal space in your pack.

The Sunset's seat is approximately 14 in (36 cm) off the ground. The added height makes this supportive high back chair more comfortable on joints and limbs after a long day outdoors. With the Sunset, you can finally stretch out your legs without wondering how you'll get up. This chair is also great for pulling up to your Helinox Camp Table to eat or play a game of cards.

For wide range of tall and wide profile chairs, check out more of our High-Back models.

Not much. The primary (and most obvious) difference between our Sunset and Beach models is chair legs. The Helinox Beach Chair has splayed legs perfect for digging into sand and soft ground, which means it also sits much lower than Sunset Chair. Both are considered High-Back Chairs and thoughtfully designed with high-quality materials for wherever adventure takes you.

The Sunset Chair is perfect for R&R, and its straightforward design makes it both comfortable and packable. It does not come with a built-in cup holder, but we do sell the Cup Holder as an attachment. Browse our Accessories page for other creature comforts to deck out your Sunset Chair.

We know how important lumbar support is for extended sitting sessions. Our Sunset Chair is thoughtfully designed to provide ergonomic comfort reinforced by taut fabric and an ultra durable frame.

Pro tip: Some Helinox fans suggest using the Helinox Headrest as support for your lower back.

Yes, the Sunset Chair can be transformed into a rocking chair with the purchase of our Rocking Feet accessory. Simply attach the rockers to your chair's legs, sit back, and relax in nature.

Browse our Accessories page for other creature comforts to deck out your Sunset Chair.