Side Table

Small / Black

Sized for two, this compact, packable table is designed for relaxed adventure.

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Always within reach

Always within reach

A table for two, perfect for a couple of iced teas or a game of gin rummy while you enjoy a day in the sun. Bring it camping and use it as a lantern stand or a place to set your headlamp. Set it up on your balcony with a couple of our chairs when you have friends over. Bring it to the park and elevate your picnic. Its a great travel companion.


Assembled Packed
Height 15.5 in / 39 cm 1.5 in / 3.5 cm
Width 10.5 in / 26.5 cm 11 in / 27.5 cm
Weight 9 oz / 260 g 11 oz / 320 g
Length 10.5 in / 26.5 cm 18 in / 46 cm
Capacity 4 lbs / 2 kg
Warranty 5 years

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